About Us

 RESTORE™ is a New York based designer and manufacturer of eco-active apparel dedicated to the vision that people can enhance their lives, and those of others, through mindful product choices.

 “Mindful Active Style,” for RESTORE is more than a tagline. It is a blend of design, innovation, luxury and a passion for the ethical and sustainable fashion movement spreading around the world today.  With a commitment to local production in New York City, and a respect for the principles of design and fabrication that connect emotionally and socially with our customers and community, we have drawn the line in the sand. We design and make the best, most versatile and stylish clothing for modern active women and fully vet the value/supply chain so they don’t have to.

 Dreamers, some said. People don’t give a shit, said others. In truth, most people do care and believe in the greater good. More often than not, once they are aware of the consequences their actions have on their loved ones and the planet, they will play an active roll in the pursuit of excellence and a better way of life.

 We believe that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them.  As the skin is our largest organ, porous and breathable to boot, it is not such a leap of faith to make the jump from Table to T-shirts. From food dye to fabric dye, processed food to manufacturing processes, nothing is benign.  We are working with Passion and Purpose to make it better, while being respectful of People, Planet and Profit.

Proud to have been named one of Apparel Magazine’s “Sustainability All-Stars for 2011”, we are devoted to producing thoughtfully designed collections that encourage a mindful, active, style of life. This is what we are ABOUT.

To view a short video interview with Anthony and Céleste, our founders, click here

For additional information on our company, and the availability of our products, please contact: celeste@restoreclothing.com

Photo Credit: Rebecca Zilenziger