Organic Cotton



BLISS™ Our Organic Pima Cotton, is exactly that, BLISS™

Sourced purely from cotton grown in the USA and knit in Canada.

  • 90% Organic Pima Cotton blended / 10% Lycra®
  • “Exceptional comfort leads to exceptional happiness.”
  • Long staple Pima is one of the world's most luxurious cottons. Pima produces a superior, lustrous, and sensuous garment. Combined with Lycra®, our BLISS™ garments move with you in every way, while keeping their shape.
  • PIMA, named for the Native Americans who first cultivated the plant here in the United States, the true origins of Pima lead back to Peru.
  • Organically grown in the USA
  • Uses less water than conventional cotton crops
  • Does not use GMO's or expose farmers to harmful pesticides
  • Does not pollute nearby streams and ground water with harmful toxins.
  • BLISS™ is knit, dyed and finished in Canada using low-impact dyes.